Books for understanding color collection and color grading


I would like to acquire knowledge of color collection and color grading in order to be able to perform accurate color correction and color editing on the color page. Are there any good books available?


I recommend the following books: I bought both and used them as a reference.

Color Correction Handbook 2nd Edition -Techniques that bring out 100% of the charm of the image

It is not recommended to purchase lightly. Not only photos and videos, but also paintings are given as examples, and colors in general are described in detail based on the reasons. There are detailed descriptions of the standards, etc., and I think that it is good for those who want to understand from 1 to 10 firmly.

I have heard that it is also used as a reference in professional settings.
There are plenty of pictures, but the explanation is written on 574 pages, which is quite a volume.
Please purchase with caution.
I'm still only skimming. It's pretty strong if you can absorb the essence of this book.

Color Grading Workflow & Cinema Camera

This is a book that summarizes the articles of the monthly video salon. If you are new to Karakore or Karagure, I think it would be a good idea to see this first and actually try it. There are also specific commands for DaVinci Resolve, so I think it's best to try it out.

It barely touches on color correction, and gives a simple explanation of color grading with examples of various situations.

The workflow is explained with examples in Log and RAW. Basically, it is described in the flow of color correction with the manufacturer LUT. In the Log section, sony α6600 and Panasonic S1 GH5 are written as examples, and in the RAW section, Blackmagic RAW, CANON's Cinema RAW Light, SIGMA's Cinema DNG RAW, and ProRez RAW are used as examples. Since the volume is about 2 pages each, it may be better to think of it as an introductory book because there is only a touch of description.

I bought it because I was attracted to the content of "Beginning color grading using HLG format", but it's a bit disappointing that that part is written in FinalCUT, but I think it will be useful as the way of thinking will come alive. increase.

The number of pages is as short as 127 pages, so you can read it in your free time at home.

Although it is an e-book, please refer to the following articles.

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