Free version / Studio (paid version) functional restrictions, page-by-page functions such as Fusion and Color nodes, and a list of Japanese and English localization information


Is there a document outlining the features of DaVinci Resolve such as:

  • Limited functions available in the free version/Studio (paid version)
  • Functions available for each page
  • English and Japanese translation support (also for Fusion nodes)
  • Menu location per page
  • Abbreviations when selecting with Fusion's Select Tool
  • Fusion features optimized for GPU processing


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As you can see, there are a number of features available on multiple pages, such as edit and color and fusion and color. Even for functions that already exist, the pages that can be used may increase due to version upgrades.

I think that even those who are familiar with DaVinci Resolve will notice.

Note that the free version has limitations other than those listed. (Example: hardware decoding limitations) For more details on the difference between paid and free functions, please check the link below.

It is a summary of the following information and the contents actually confirmed by the software.

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