Which part of the hardware has the greatest impact on shortening the processing time for effects that take a long time to process, such as Speed ​​Warp?


When applying effects such as Speed ​​Warp, which part of the hardware has the greatest impact on shortening the processing of rendering and creating render caches? Which is more important, RAM or VRAM? Please tell me what points should be emphasized.


In DaVinci Resolve, rendering processing is prioritized by the GPU.
Therefore, it can be said that the VRAM of the graphic memory is more important than the RAM of the main memory. (Precisely, the type of GPU is as important as VRAM.) However, the main memory itself also greatly affects the smooth operation of software.
Please refer to the vook article below. Even if it is a rendering process, if the GPU does not support that process, it will be processed by the CPU.
Of course, depending on the configuration, there may be a considerable time difference when comparing CPUs of the same era with corresponding graphics chips.
(On the official forum of blackmagic design overseas, some people said that there is an exponential difference in the case of Speed ​​Warp.) Also, even with compatible graphics chips, the details of the clip to be processed are Although it is unknown, there is information that the Radeon Pro 580 8 GB was 4:20, but the eGFX (external GPU) Breakway RX 580 was significantly reduced to 2:35.

In my opinion, if time permits, if you are considering a countermeasure for macOS, it is rumored that an unannounced MacBook Pro with an M1X chip that strengthens the ARM M1 will be released in October 2021. . It may be better to wait.

On current machines,

Please consider referring to

Speed ​​warp is a fairly heavy process that involves analysis by AI and creates frames that do not exist as data, so I think the answer is to make it as fast as possible.

If you have problems such as slow processing or incomplete processing on your current PC, one option is to export only the necessary parts from the Speed ​​Warp clip alone. may be improved slightly by assigning to Speed ​​Warp.

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