How to register project setting presets and apply presets


Please tell me how to register project setting presets and how to apply presets.


The method has changed from version 18.1.

In addition, the method up to version 18.0.x is on the bottom.

For version 18.1 or later (updated)

In version 18.0.x, it was set in the "Presets" tab of [File]-[Project settings], but from version 18.1, it can be operated from "..." in the upper right, just like "Preference presets". changed to

If a preset has already been registered, it will be displayed as follows.

  • Default/(preset name) > Load Preset:
    Apply the selected preset to the project settings
  • Defaults/(preset name) > Update Preset:
    Save the current project settings as the contents of the selected project settings
  • (preset name) > Set as Default Preset:
    Sets the current project settings to the default project settings.
  • Default/(preset name) > Export Preset:
    Save the contents of the selected preset to a file
  • Defaults > Restore Defaults:
    Restore default project settings
  • (preset name) > Delete Preset:
    Delete the selected preset
  • Set Current Project Settings as Default Preset:
    Save project settings as default preset
  • Save project settings as a preset:
    Read the file saved by "Export preset" and register it as a preset
  • Importing project settingsImporting
    a file of project settings

Up to version 18.0.x

Registration method

Follow the steps below to save.

  1. Copy the original preset and register the name of the preset
  2. Change advanced settings
  3. Save to preset
Open [File]-[Project Settings]

In "Presets", select the preset that will be used as the base for the newly created project settings, and select <Save As>.

  • Current Project:
    Settings for the project you are currently using. "Guest default settings" will be copied at the timing of starting a new project.
  • System Configuration:
    DaVinci Resolve standard settings. Cannot be changed. It is used to restore the settings in the event of trouble.
  • guest default settings: Default settings
    to use when starting a project. It can be changed. If not changed, the settings are the same as "System Configuration".

Changes to "guest default settings" are summarized in the following article.

name it<OK>

With the saved preset selected, change the settings from "Master Settings" to "Fairlight"
(In the example, the timeline resolution of the timeline format is changed to "1280 x 720 HD 720P".)

Select “Preset” and select <Save>

Method of applying

Select the preset to use and select <Load>

The settings of the selected preset are loaded into the Current Project, overriding the settings of the currently open project.

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