Reasons and countermeasures for media offline in places such as video and text even though the material is properly linked


The material is properly linked, but the media goes offline at places such as video and text. Please tell me the reason and the countermeasure.


Before general explanation

18.0.0 released on July 21, 2022 had a problem with generating the render cache used by default, and it was resolved in 18.0.1 released on July 26, 2022. If you are media offline with 18.0.0, first update to 18.0.1 or later and check.

Reason and countermeasure

The "render cache" used for display may be missing or damaged.

Since it is displayed depending on the "render cache" status, even for texts without material files such as video and audio, the same message may or may not be displayed depending on the render cache status.

If it appears properly when you select [Playback]-[Render Cache]-[None], it is highly likely that this is the case.

We have confirmed that this issue occurs when the cache file of a project opened in DaVinci Resolve is deleted using Explorer or Finder.

Once, the DaVinci Resolve software needs to recognize that the render cache has been deleted by following the steps below.

Select [Play]-[Clear Render Cache]-[All]

Select <Delete>

If you select [Play]-[Render Cache]-[Smart] After a while, the render cache will be rebuilt and you will be able to view it.

If you do not move the playhead, the display will not be updated, so if the media offline display remains, try moving the playhead once.

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