How to copy existing DaVinci Resolve preferences to another PC


I understand that I can back up and move the database and materials when replacing the PC, but is the environment setting also included in the database? Also, when migrating, is it possible to migrate only between OSs of the same type?


It is possible to duplicate only the "User" tab in the environment settings and reflect it on other PCs. You can also copy between different OS such as Windows and Mac.

[DaVinci Resolve] - [Preferences] has a "System" tab and a "User" tab.

Basically, on the "System" tab, you can select settings related to PC and hardware, and on the "User" tab, you can select settings that change depending on how you use DaVinci Resolve.

There is no public way to copy the contents of the "System" tab. Basically, it seems that there is an intention to set it here instead of copying it because it is a setting item that changes depending on the PC environment, and it does not have a function.

The contents of the Users tab can be copied. You can do this in the [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences] menu.

The following contents correspond to copying the contents of the "Users" tab.

As a flow of the procedure, save the preset once, write it to a file, read it on the copy destination PC, and apply it.

Moved from: Saving presets

Save existing settings as a preset.

[DaVinci Resolve] - [Preferences] -> [User] tab, select "Save User Preferences as Preset" from the top right

Source: Export preset

In [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences], select the saved preset from the upper right of the [User] tab, select [Export Preset], and save the file with the extension “.userprefs”.

Move this file to the destination PC.

Go to: Load Preset

On the destination PC, select [Load user preferences as presets] from the button on the upper right of the [User] tab in [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences], and open the ".userprefs" file.

Destination: Apply preset

On the destination PC, select [Load Preset] from the preset added to the upper right button of the [User] tab in [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences], and select <Save> in the lower right. Restart DaVinci Resolve for the settings to take effect.


There is no way to copy the selection methods on menus such as [Timeline]-[Select clip at playhead position]. (Also shows power bin)

The information about the location of the Power Bin file is stored in the database, so you can move the file at the same time as the database is moved, and after moving, you can continue to use it by relinking.

Copying layouts is explained in the next article.

2023/04/29 It was pointed out that the information was not appropriate, so I added and corrected it. Thank you for contacting us.


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