Where are power bins stored?


Where are power bins stored? Is it okay to delete or move the original data saved in the Power Bin?


Power Bin information is managed in the same database as other projects. In addition, videos and still images saved in the Power Bin are handled in the same way as other projects, and only the link information is managed in the database, and the reality is the file at the time of registration.

For this reason, the data saved in Power Bin loses its link when the original data is deleted or moved. If it is broken, you will need to re-link.

The following list shows the types of items that can be managed by the Power Bin and the information that is managed by the Power Bin.

・Video (movie): path information to file
・Still image: path information to file
・Text+, text: only in database
・Fusion composition: database only (Fusion composition that includes path also has that information)
・Adjustment clip : database only

As mentioned earlier, even if you register with Power Bin, video and still image files will not be stored in a special location. If you change the save destination of a video or still image file registered in Power Bin using Explorer or Finder, the link will be broken. If it expires, you can use it by relinking.

Therefore, when registering videos and still images to the Power Bin, first create a folder dedicated to the Power Bin using Explorer or Finder, copy the videos and still images to be registered to the Power Bin to that folder, and then register the files to the Power Bin. Recommended to use. Not only does it prevent broken links caused by moving files, but it also makes backup easier because files are not dispersed by grouping them together.

Please refer to the following article for backing up and restoring (restoring) the Power Bin.

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