Is it okay to delete cache files? Also, how to delete?


Is it okay to delete cache files? Also, please tell me how to delete it.


Cache files are created to speed up editing on DaVinci Resolve. Even if you delete it, it will be created automatically, so you can delete it.

The reason it's not deleted automatically is that when you restart the same project, the existing cache is reused so you can resume smooth editing.

For this reason, I think it's better to delete when a few projects you're working on are completed, rather than deciding on a schedule.

cache location

Although the setting itself is for each project, it is usually rare to change this for each project.

The corresponding folder is "Cache file location" of "Work folder" in "Master setting" of [File]-[Project setting].

What's in a Folder and What You Need to Know

In addition to the render cache, it also contains data created with optimized media, and the corresponding folder is "OptimizedMedia" under "CacheClip".
If you turn off "OptimizedMedia", the next time you open it, you will be editing with the original materials lined up on the timeline, so you may feel slow. In that case, you can use Optimized Media again, but from version 17, it is recommended to use Proxy Media, which has a fully upward compatible function, so we recommend that you use it. The storage location of the proxy media is the "Proxy generation location" above "Cache media location". You can also delete it according to the situation.

How to remove

Use Explorer or Finder to open the corresponding folder listed in "Location of cache files" and delete the folders and files inside. You can also delete the "OptimizedMedia" folder all at once.


There are cases where you want to keep the cache, but as you can see by opening the cache folder, it is difficult to identify unless you check the information managed in the database, and the confirmation method is not disclosed. .
Although it is possible to specify the update date to some extent, such usage is not supported.

Does it affect power bins?

It seems that many people are worried about whether the power bin will remain when the cache is deleted. Power bin information is not included in the cache. I hope the following article will help you.

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