List of file formats and codecs supported by DaVinci Resolve


Is there a list of file formats and codecs supported by DaVinci Resolve?


version 18

Published 2023/07/19


CPU encoding is not supported for AV1 encoding.
GPUs with Intel Arc (not built-in CPU) and NVIDIA's RTX4080/4090 are supported. (18.5 Beta also supports AMD hardware encoding in Windows environment) H.264 YUV4:2:2 10bit decoding continues to be limited in the free version from the previous version. (M1 Mac is in a situation where it can be decoded).


Update details unknown. (It seems that the description of H.264 and H.265 on Windows has been modified to make it easier to understand.)


Version 18.5 Beta released on 2023/04/16 supports AV1 by AMD hardware encoding on Windows environment

Version 18.1 released on 2022/11/12 supports AV1 by NVIDIA hardware encoding in Windows environment

2022/07/02 First edition

version 17

As of December 27, 2021, we have received an answer that it is being prepared for creation, and there has been no disclosure since then, and 18 pieces of information have been released, so it is likely that it will not be created.

version 16

version 15

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