How to not invalidate shortcuts every time you upgrade (for Windows)


Every time I update DaVinci Resolve, the DaVinci Resolve shortcut on the taskbar is disabled.
I recreate shortcuts every time I upgrade, but is it possible to eliminate this hassle? (Since I do not understand the behavior on mac, this is an answer only for the Windows environment.)


Due to the specifications of the installer described later, the shortcut icon created by the user will be disabled every time the version is upgraded.
As a workaround, call the DaVinci Resolve startup file using a BAT file instead of a shortcut icon.

Create a BAT file like this: (I am not responsible for any trouble caused by using this. I don't think it will cause any problems, but just in case.)

File name: DaVinciResolve_startup.bat
Contents of DaVinciResolve_startup.bat ————
start “” “C:\Program Files\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Resolve.exe”

Save this file in any folder and create a shortcut to it on your desktop or taskbar. From now on, you will be able to launch from this file as long as the file structure and filename of DaVinci Resolve remains unchanged.

Why Shortcuts Are Disabled

As a behavior of the installer of DaVinci Resolve, if the old version is already installed, it is processed in the order of "uninstall the old version → install the new version".
It is not the behavior of "overwriting modified files and adding additional programs to older versions" that is common in other software.
For this reason, shortcuts created by the user after installation (pinned to the taskbar, etc.) will become invalid at the time of uninstallation and will not have reference destinations due to the OS shortcut management function. Treated as a shortcut.
For this reason, it is necessary to recreate shortcuts each time the version is upgraded.

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