With the release of the latest BUILD, a dialog will appear stating that it is possible to update to the same version as the version you are using.


Even though I'm using the latest version, DaVinci Resolve shows information that there is a new update. why? Also, is it desirable to update?


You are seeing this because a newer build has been published for your version.

BUILD before and after update

Even if it is the same version, it means that something with some modifications has been released, so if you use that version, it is basically desirable to update it.

In the case of version 18.1, 18.1 BUILD 16 was released on 11/11/2022, but on 11/18/2021, 18.1 BUILD 18 will be released only when using the "free version of 18.1 BUILD 16" in the Windows environment. it was done. Even if you are using the free version 18.1, BUILD 16 prompts you to update.

For version 17.4.2, 17.4.2 BUILD 8 was released on 2021/11/18, but 17.4.2 BUILD 9 was released on 2021/11/19, so even if you are using 17.4.2, BUILD In the case of 8, I was prompted to update.

The updates for 18.1 Build 18 and 17.4.2 BUILD 9 have not been specifically announced, but the following improvements have been confirmed.

In addition, in 17.4.2 BUILD 9, there was an exchange during the support of the official forum, which seems to have been re-corrected in BUILD 9 regarding the search for VST3 plug-ins at each startup.

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