Is there a video for understanding the basic operation so that I can understand how to use it?


I would like to know how to use DaVinci Resolve. Is there a video for understanding the basic operation?


I have the official video.

The best place to start is DaVinci Resolve 17 Getting Started Tutorials #1-#15 (470 minutes total).

Although it is not the latest version, the basic operations explained in the latest version do not change, so it is desirable to check here first.

There are paid and free video teaching materials that are not official, but there are many that do not cover the basics or contain errors in information. (Even in the videos of paid services, there are some that deliver basic things incorrectly.)

First of all, we strongly recommend that you watch the official videos and then watch the non-official videos.

Materials and pdfs used for understanding are also distributed.
More details can be found in the description of the video. It takes two full days to grasp it while operating it, but once you go through it, you will be able to do basic editing.

In addition, a more detailed explanation is also officially prepared. You can check it in the "DaVinci Resolve 17 Getting Started Course" in the "Playlist" of the following link.

DaVinci Resolve & ATEM Tutorial Videos

If you are interested in books, please check the following.

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