Future management, income, response, etc.

I've been able to get a lot of encouragement from people who are looking at this site.
" How to add the Blackmagic Fairlight Sound Library ", I had a bad response, and many people pointed out.
As a human being, I will give top priority to respect for the source of the information, more than the promptness and accuracy of the information.

On a different note,
there are many advertisements on this site, and I feel that they are very difficult to see.
As an operator, I am very grateful that you are viewing even if there are so many advertisements. Advertising revenue is used for the continuous operation of the site.
Since site operation costs such as rental server, it is necessary to raise the cost to continue publishing the site. It took some time, but in the last few months, I've finally been able to get a constant rental server fee.
Currently, in addition to the monthly cost, we are gradually recovering the upfront investment before we can make a profit. When I tell people who are viewing this site about the current situation, I get reactions that they are not as profitable as they think.
The reality is as you might think. It is expected that it will take several years at the earliest to recover the costs (?) that have been invested in the matter related to DaVinci Resolve, but let's continue patiently with the feeling that even one person can be of help. I think.

It's April, and my environment has changed a lot, and it's getting harder to respond in a short time like before. Every night and every morning, we will check the information and try not to be too late.

Thank you for your continued support.

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