One month has passed since the start of asteriscus.

Preparations for this site started around September 15th, and I think it was released on September 22nd.
We have already published over 120 articles and over 220 tweets.
I'm still a little surprised that it's only been a month.

The beginning of things is that I participated in the official free training "Summer vacation special online free training Introduction to DaVinci Resolve 17" held on August 14th. People who use DaVinci Resolve for advertising, people who are trying to switch YouTube video creation software, people who are using it for the first time during training, and many other people participated.

As a place to follow up on the training, Blackmagic Design set up a Slack site for a month only. In line with the fact that it will end on 9/27, I will start by summarizing it as an article.

After that, we started Twitter and Facebook on October 3rd.

Currently, I mainly respond to tweets about DaVinci Resolve on Twitter, and at the same time, I collect matters that many people may have doubts on this site, publish them so that they can be checked at any time, and organize information.
(I have to use Facebook more.)

It may have only been a month, but during that time, we received the cooperation of many people through SNS.
thank you.

When I tweeted about DaVinci Resolve on Twitter, I think there were a lot of people who were surprised when I suddenly got an official reply. And I think there were people who thought, "Wow, I got tangled up in something strange!"

Are you always in trouble?
I thought. Despite such an encounter, everyone was willing to respond, and I am gradually gaining confidence that I am not wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you again.

Regardless of whether the issue has been resolved or not, I am very humbled to receive words of gratitude from everyone.
Words of gratitude from all of you are the driving force that leads to the solution of the next person's doubts.

Also, even if you don't know someone, you may feel relieved when you find someone to talk to.
I was able to realize the importance of having someone to worry about with me, and I feel that I was able to grow a little bit as a person. thank you.

We believe that the best answers will change over time, as circumstances are always changing.
Can you really give a satisfying answer with the information you understand with asteriscus? Is there really no better way? Every day, I ask myself and answer while checking new information.

We will try our best to give you the best answer at the moment in a short time.
I hope to work with you in the future.

・・・ YouTube will be released at the end of October!
Although it was declared, the work is not progressing. After the next month, is it only two months since you started? I would like to start YouTube as a place for new activities so that I can feel it.

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