After creating In and Out points for audio and video, if you move any point on another page, the created In and Out points may disappear.


Both In and Out points can be set and checked on the Edit page, but only the video is displayed on the Cut page and only the audio is displayed on the Fairlight.
In a timeline where the In and Out points are set separately for audio and video, moving the In or Out point of the video on the cut page will also affect the In or Out points of the video and audio. It will be done.
A similar thing also happens in Fairlight. Is there a way to avoid this in settings?


There is no workaround. Specifications.

The result of changing the In/Out points in Cut or Fairlight will always be the normal In/Out points that combine video and audio.

Therefore, if you want to use multiple In points and Out points for audio and video for each page, create marks with the marker function, and use the markers to recreate In points and Out points as necessary. please give me.

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