Update information for DaVinci Resolve 19 Beta 3


Please tell me the update information for DaVinci Resolve 19.0 Beta 3 (Public Beta) released on May 24, 2024.


The changes from DaVinci Resolve19.0 Beta 2 are 27 improvements or changes that were made up to Beta 2 and 24 bug fixes.
The release notes for Beta 3 were almost the same as Beta 2 (with some modifications), but detailed information was published on the official forum, so I translated the article. It includes not only bug fixes but also multiple enhancements. Looks like development is progressing smoothly!

improve or change

  • Supports HDR display on Windows
  • Improved UltraNR quality and up to 50% faster playback speeds
  • Supports the ability to reset all layers of the node graph stack
  • Supports ability to bypass individual node stack layers
  • Supports the function to launch replay/preroll by pressing the number key and clicking the camera angle.
  • When running a replay, pressing the camera key twice will now run the called camera at the in point.
  • Added option to convert previous POI to marker when cleared in POI dialog on cut page
  • Improved to display distance to POI on timeline with replay events
  • Added clip context menu action to explode nested timelines on cut page
  • Added context menu action to find clips in multi-source viewer
  • Changed the default for single view multi-source angles to a range within 5 seconds around the POI
  • Fusion transitions are now displayed in the jog wheel transition selection window.
  • Added the ability to clear transcriptions from the context menu for offline clips
  • If no media is selected and you click Transcription, transcription will be performed on the current timeline.
  • Detected speaker information is available to all users in a multi-user project.
  • New projects now default to the last speaker detection settings used.
  • Enhancements to playback up to 36 channels of audio in source viewer and inspector
  • The Audio Inspector now interprets clips with even audio channels without track metadata as stereo pairs.
  • Improved the ability to display the remaining battery power of Micro Color Panel in the environment settings.
  • You can now apply Music Remixer FX on a per-clip basis from the Inspector.
  • Supports export of AMF with image sequences.
  • Supports web login with DaVinci Remote Monitor app.
  • Improved so that DaVinci Resolve Renderer FX is automatically selected for update during installation.
  • Supports scripting API to add timeline track to specified index
  • Marker index now retains selected columns between sessions.
  • Improved user confirmation when resetting or deleting compositions
  • General performance and stability improvements

Trouble shooting

  • Addresses audio artifacts that occur when nesting timelines
  • Addresses issue with number pad key shortcuts in Source Tape Viewer
  • Addresses issues with transition duration and speed change dialogs for interlaced timelines
  • Addresses an issue when editing a single frame of interlaced video as a top or source override
  • Addresses an issue where the source viewer would not display selected media in the transcription window
  • Addressed an issue where text would be highlighted after replacing it in the transcription dialog
  • Addressed an issue where the cursor would update at an edit point with the playhead over it
  • Addressed issue with trim editor in blade mode on edit page
  • Addressed issue in Trim Edit mode when extending edits without link selection
  • Support for playhead position when switching from edit page with fixed playhead
  • Addressed an issue that caused a crash when performing onion skinning with Fusion's polygon tool.
  • Addresses multiple issues with Fusion viewer and RCM workflows
  • Addresses an issue where changing gain or gamma in the Fusion viewer would interrupt the Saver workflow
  • Addressed an issue where Magic Mask clips would not retain their source resolution rendering settings.
  • Addressed an issue where the Magic Mask playhead would move when viewing individual strokes
  • Addresses an issue with the overlay scaling controls in the Resolve FX Warper viewer.
  • Addresses an issue with dynamic keyframes in the Color Slice tool.
  • Addresses an issue with HDR clipping for chroma hue or black offset at 10,000 nits
  • Addresses issue where ducker source persists when reopening project
  • Addresses issues with AAF import of multichannel audio
  • Addresses an issue with decoding MP4 clips with invalid editlists
  • Addressed issue with tags when switching languages
  • Addresses an issue with the list of script menu options in the keyboard customization window
  • Addresses an issue when reading timecode from Sony A7SIII clips shot at 100 fps

Supports HDR viewer on Windows:

Enable "Use HDR" in Windows Settings > System > Display. To configure your display for HDR, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hdr-settings-in-windows-2d767185-38ec-7fdc-6f97-bbc6c5ef24e6

  • In DaVinci Resolve's Preferences > General, enable "Use Windows display color management and viewer HDR."

Updates to DaVinci Control Panels:

This installer includes a firmware upgrade for DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor to address idle battery consumption when using Bluetooth.

Other information

For comprehensive information on 19.0 Beta, please refer to the following article:

The translation of this article is based on the translation from www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) and has been partially revised.

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