DaVinci Resolve 18.6.4 update information


Please tell me the update information for DaVinci Resolve 18.6.4 released on December 5, 2023.


Available from the support site.


Several feature enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements for 18.6.3.

If you are using 18.6 to 18.6.3, we recommend updating.

There are major enhancements to useful features in Blackmagic Cloud.

In addition, the official X (formerly Twitter) lists the following four points as major functional enhancements.

  • Add transcription controls to media bin
  • View details of the user who uploaded the shared clip
  • Sort clips based on color flags in Lightbox workspace
  • Preserve camera RAW settings with timeline backup

Changes in DaVinci Resolve 18.6.4

Here are the changes:

  • Supports Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.6
  • Supports new UI indicators for custom-configured timelines
  • Supports context menu for bin audio transcription and clear transcription
  • Supports new media pool column to show where media was uploaded
  • Script API allows you to convert timelines to stereoscopic 3D
  • Supports scripting API for creating stereo clips in media pool
  • Supports scripting API to create, import, and restore cloud projects
  • Added script API input to create subtitles from audio
  • Addressed an issue where incorrect trim cursors would remain outside of the editing timeline
  • Addressed an issue where the clip color filter was missing from lightbox options.
  • Addressed an issue where timeline backups did not preserve RAW settings
  • Corrected incorrect color tracing behavior in timelines within the same project.
  • Supports advanced panel picker offset on some high resolution displays
  • Addressed an issue where the automation display scenario was incorrect after adding a track
  • Addressed issue with fusion particle position using image emitters
  • Addressed USD loader trim and timescale issues for new assets
  • Addressed an issue with updating control positions in Fusion overlays
  • General performance and stability improvements

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