Is there a way to free up VRAM on the Fusion page?


While working on DaVinci Resolve's Fusion page, I get a dialog that says "Your GPU memory is full. Try reducing the timeline resolution or the number of correctors." It will be displayed even if you take measures to reduce the amount of VRAM used, such as lowering the timeline resolution. Is there a better way?


It is desirable to solve the fundamental solution by installing a GPU with a large amount of VRAM and a large amount of memory.

As a temporary solution, it may be good to take the method of forcibly freeing up VRAM.

Right-click the item showing the amount of cache used by Fusion at the bottom right of the Fusion page and select "Purge Cache". However, with this alone, cache information on physical memory is released, but VRAM is not released.

Once you move to another page such as the edit page and open the Fusion page again, you can confirm that the VRAM has been released.

I can't find any information about this "purge cache" in the reference manual, so I don't know the exact reason why it's cleared by switching pages.

Since it is confirmed in 18.5 Public Beta1, the behavior may be different before that, but since this menu has been around for a long time, it is probably the same behavior.

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