Is there a distribution location for high-quality materials that are available for free?


Is there a site that distributes high quality materials for free that I can use in making videos? I can find many paid services, but if there is a suitable free service, please let me know.


There are several on the Internet, but I have the impression that many of the free sites only distribute specialized fields such as "images," "videos," and "music." Also, some license agreements are complicated.

Paid services are certainly more expensive and have a wide variety of types, but I think it's better to start with such free services first.

As an example, the following sites that can be used free of charge, including commercial use, may be good.

For details, please check the following site.

Of course, the usage rules are subject to change due to the convenience of the service provider, so please check before using.

In addition, this kind of site assumes that a good registrant has registered a work. There is a non-zero risk of malicious registrants illegally uploading and registering third-party copyrighted works. It is difficult to determine, but when creating a video to be delivered to others or published on YouTube, etc., there are paid services that provide compensation in the event of such a risk, so it is recommended to use that. I think

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