Relationship between Resolve FX, Open FX and Fusion


What is the relationship between Resolve FX, Open FX and Fusion in DaVinci Resolve?
I understand that it is used for effects, but please tell me the difference.


The differences are:

  • Resolve FX
    These are effects that come standard with DaVinci Resolve.
    Some of the free versions of DaVinci Resolve have restrictions on their use.
    Since the content conforms to Open FX, it is displayed in the "Open FX" item on the edit page, and is displayed in "Open FX" on the inspector of the applied clip.

  • This is an effect plug-in of the
    Open FX For more information :
    DaVinci Resolve can use third-party effects of the "Open FX" standard.
    If it is the same format, it can basically be used for other software.
    Also available in the free version of DaVinci Resolve.
    I don't really recommend it, but depending on the way you think, even free version users who have restrictions on the Resolve FX they want to use may be able to get similar results if they can get Open FX plug-ins that can achieve similar effects. I have.
    When applied, it will be displayed in "Open FX" on the inspector.

  • Not available on
    the Fusion Effect (I feel like I can do it, but there is no item.) If you apply it, it will be displayed in "Fusion" on the inspector. Configured with Fusion features, additional states are also possible on the Fusion page.

  • Ability to create
    Fusion Set on the Fusion page. The stand-alone software Fusion is incorporated into DaVinci Resolve.
    On the Fusion page, you create a combination of functions called nodes, but "Resolve FX" and "Open FX" can also be used as one node.
    Also, macros of Fusion's node configuration can be used in DaVinci Resolve in the same way as Reasolve FX.


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