Fonts not available in TEXT+


Some fonts are not available in DaVinci Resolve's TEXT+. Is there a reason and how to deal with it?


The fonts that can be used with TEXT+ are the fonts in the folder set in "Fonts" of "Default" on the "Path Map" tab of [Fusion]-[Fusion Setting] on the Fusion page.

Also, DaVinci Resolve can use fonts for text (TEXT) and subtitles, but these can use all fonts managed by the OS.

OS-managed fonts basically match those in the folder set in "Fonts" in "Default" on the "Pathmap" tab. It also includes the provided fonts.

As of April 2023, the following fonts cannot be used with "Text+(TEXT+)". These fonts are managed independently by the software provided by each manufacturer, and the presence of the font files cannot be confirmed from Explorer or Finder. (Although it is not clear, it seems that it is managed differently from general fonts and is not managed in the form of a font file. From the OS, it seems that the font can be checked through the management software, It cannot be used with software that directly references font files, including DaVinci Resolve.)

The font used in the Evangelion series is provided by mojimo. This font is also applicable, so as of April 2023, it cannot be used with DaVinci Resolve TEXT+.

In addition, even if the font is not managed by the OS, if it can be confirmed as a font file in Explorer or Finder, it can be used with TEXT + (text +) by the method described in the following article.

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