How to use fonts not managed by OS with text + (TEXT +)


Is there a way to use fonts not managed by the OS with DaVinci Resolve's TEXT+?
I use fonts that can only be used in a specific business, but in order not to use them by mistake outside of business, I save the fonts in a different location than the font management function of the OS, and handle the fonts on DaVinci Resolve. I want to


If it is text + (TEXT +), it can be handled by setting Fusion.
Note that text (TEXT) and subtitles cannot be handled by this method.

It can be added in the "Fonts:" item in "Defaults" of "Path Map" in [Fusion]-[Fusion Setting].

"SystemFonts:" is set by default.

This means that the setting refers to the contents set in "SystemFonts:" of "System". "SystemFonts:" of "System" describes the storage location of fonts managed by the OS.

You can check specific information by right-clicking on the item you want to check. If you select "Show Folder" from this menu, the corresponding path will be opened in Explorer or Finder, so you can check whether the settings have been made.

Setting method

Change "Fonts:" in "Defaults" to:

Add "; (folder path)" after "SystemFonts:".

Example: "SystemFonts:;C:\extfonts" will add "C:\extfonts".

Furthermore, if you set like "SystemFonts:;C:\extfonts;D:\extfonts2", "C:\extfonts" and "D:\extfonts2" will be available.

With this, the fonts of the files in the added folder can be read with TEXT + (text +). If the font cannot be read immediately after setting, restart DaVinci Resolve and check.

By the way, if you use ":" instead of ":;", for example, "SystemFonts:extfonts" will target the location where "extfonts" is added after each path of "SystemFonts". In this example, it would be "C:\Windows\Fonts\extfonts". Of course, if it doesn't exist, the setting will be ignored.


Fonts that cannot be used with TEXT+ are summarized in the following article.

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