Cannot install Reactor


I can't install Reactor. Please tell me the cause and countermeasure.

Reactor is a tool that collectively manages extension plug-ins for DaVinci Resolve and Fusion distributed by third party sreakunderwater.


(This is an answer about a problem confirmed on DaVinci Resolve in the Windows environment. If you have a problem with a mac, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with information.)

We have confirmed the following two patterns of behavior after dragging "Reactor-Installer.lua" to the node editor of Fusion.
In both cases it is caused by double byte characters in the folder paths involved in the installation.

Installation does not start

If you drag and nothing happens, this is the case.

Check where the dragged Reactor installer "Reactor-Installer.lua" is located. It has been confirmed that the installation will not start if it is in a folder that contains double-byte characters.

For example, if you have "Reactor-Installer.lua" stored in "c:\plugins" and drag "Reactor-Installer.lua" to the node editor, you will have problems. In this case, save "Reactor-Installer.lua" to a location with a single-byte folder name such as "c:\plagin" and drag it into the node editor.

Also, even if it is saved in the desktop or download folder, "c:\Users\(user_name)\Desktop" or "c:\Users\(user_name)\Downloads" will be the folder, so the OS user name , a similar problem occurs when double-byte characters are involved.

Installation started, but an error occurred during the process

Even if the installation starts, the following error may be displayed and the installation may fail.

Fusion Reactor – Installation Error

Installation error

[Reactor.fuWrite Error] %APPDATA%\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\Fusion\Reactor.fu

([Reactor.fuWrite Error] c:\Users\(user_name)\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\Fusion\Reactor.fu)

Dealing with this case is a bit tricky.

This is due to double byte characters in "c:\Users\(user_name)\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\Fusion\Reactor.fu".

Currently, the only way to fix the problem is to not include double-byte characters in this path. The place where this path contains double-byte characters is the folder part of the user name, but it is not easy to change this to single-byte characters.

There are several ways on the net to rename this folder, but it is not recommended. This username folder is where user profiles are stored, so changing it can cause a variety of problems.

The most appropriate method would be to recreate the OS user.
Create a new user account with only single-byte characters.

Also, if you log in to the OS as a new user, you may not be able to find the DaVinci Resolve shortcut. In that case, create a shortcut of "Resolve.exe" in "%ProgramFiles%\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve" on your desktop and launch DaVinci Resolve from there.

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