Window size with three side-by-side color wheels, palettes, scopes or keyframes on the color page


I've heard that DaVinci Resolve's window size has something to do with having three color wheels, palettes, scopes or keyframes at the bottom of the color page. Please tell me the window size and resolution required to line up three.


(Confirmed information as of version 18. It may be changed in future versions. We would appreciate it if you could contact us when you confirm the change.) When the width of the window size of DaVinci Resolve is 1768 or
more It is possible to arrange three.

For this reason, a MacBook Air with a scaled resolution of 1,680 x 1,050, etc., does not line up three. It is possible by using an app that changes the scaling resolution. (However, at 1980 x 1200, I feel that the overall characters are too small.)

Please check the link below for how to deal with 1768 or more but not 3 in a row.
This size will be the size based on the resolution if scaling is adjusted in the OS.

To be more specific, we have confirmed the case where 1767 has 3 lined up, but we cannot have 3 lined up only when expanding from 1766 to 1767, so we need 1768 or more here.

  • 1768: OK
  • 1767: 1767 after spreading behavior from 1766 to 1767 does not line up three. otherwise three in a row
  • 1766 or less: no 3 in a row

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