Is there a Japanese Editor's Guide for version 17?


Is there a Japanese Editor's Guide for version 17?
Is there a Japanese version of the DaVinci Resolve 17 Editor's Guide on the following site?


Published on 9/13/2022.
(The link on the official site has been updated to Japanese, so the content has been corrected.)

Download from the "Editor's Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17" link in the training book at:

The following URL is a direct link.

I tried to summarize the time required and the contents of the publication.
Total 600 minutes, 10 hours 00 minutes. Please use it as a reference for understanding.

itemAssumed learning timeCorresponding page
1Editing on the edit page70 minutes1
2Preparing and managing edits60 minutes75
3Editing an interview50 minutes137
4Editing dialogue scenes60 minutes179
5multicam editing60 minutes227
6Speedy editing of cut pages60 minutes269
7Synthesis performed on the edit page75 minutes335
8Edit page effects45 minutes409
9Audio editing & mixing60 minutes457
10Export project60 minutes527

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