Is there a way to load unreadable video files?


Some video files cannot be read. How do I edit with DaVinci Resolve?


Please check if you can play other software once.

This is not a problem specific to DaVinci Resolve, but an occasional problem with other systems.

In particular, mp4 and AVI files, which are rarely used nowadays, have the same extension, but the internal information uses various formats, and is complicated, so there are problems such as not being able to read it not only in DaVinci Resolve. may occur.

If you can play it, try converting it to another format and see if you can read it.

For conversion, if it is free software on Windows, it may be better to use the conversion function of VLC player, which supports many file formats. Which one is better to convert for free on mac? I remember that I was able to convert QuickTime Player before.

If you don't mind paying, I think it's okay to use other company's video editing software for conversion.

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