Is it possible to switch the node name in Japanese/English when added to the node editor on the Fusion page?


Is it possible to change the node name in Japanese or English when adding (setting) a node on the node editor on the Fusion page?

I chose the one with the Japanese node name, but the name of the added node will be in English. Is it possible to keep the Japanese name that can be selected in the menu?

Also, on the contrary, I put Japanese nodes, but is there a way to set them with English names?


Available from version 18.

From version 18, Japanese localization has progressed, and many menus are now displayed in Japanese. You can change the localization of DaVinci Resolve as a whole, but there is also a way to change just the Fusion node name that is added to the node editor.

However, this method does not change the display in the Fusion menu. If you want to change the language of the menu, you need to set English in "Language" in "User interface settings" in the "User" tab of [Preferences].

The following setting will change the name of the node that will be set later.

Select [Fusion]-[Fusion Settings]

Set by "Use Localized Node Names" in "User Interface". If the language setting in the preferences is set to Japanese, it will look like this:
  • Check ON: Japanese display
  • Check OFF: English display

Note that there is no way to change already added nodes all at once. If you are okay with dealing with each node, you can change the node name by selecting the node and selecting "F2" or right-clicking and selecting "Rename", so please change from there.

In any case, since there is no easy way to switch the display in the Fusion menu, the same operation feeling as when searching with "Select tools" (Shift + space) when adding nodes before 17 Not being able to use it is a problem.

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