A dialog box asking "Are you sure you want to upgrade the project library?" is displayed.


After updating the version of DaVinci Resolve and launching DaVinci Resolve, the message "Do you want to upgrade your project library? It is recommended that you back up your existing project library before upgrading. This operation cannot be undone." dialog is displayed. Are you sure you want to select <upgrade>?


This dialog is displayed when the database "project library" used for project management needs to be upgraded.

If you have not backed up, we strongly recommend that you select <Cancel> and back up using the method described below.
Blackmagic also recommends backing up the project library (database) created with the previous version before upgrading. Upgraded project libraries (databases) cannot be opened in older versions. For this reason, even if an old project cannot be opened or displayed due to a bug in the new version, the upgraded project library (database) will not be affected unless it is fixed in the new version. Limited use of the project.

If you have already upgraded, select <Upgrade>.

Backup method

Even if you have already set up a new version, you can back up as long as the project library (database) is not upgraded.

Those in the project library with a green up arrow are ones that can be upgraded.
(In our example we have databases named 17 and 18. Commonly they have other names.)

If you cancel with "Do you want to upgrade the project library?", you can select upgrade for each database.

If "Project Library" is not displayed, select "Show/Hide Project Library" to display it.

Select the details icon in the Project Library.

You can check the status of the target project library. If you select <Backup> here, you can back up the database "Project Library" before upgrading. (Example: If you set up 18 in an environment using 17, but the project library has not been upgraded, you can save the same backup as in 17 by backing up here)

Select the backup destination and <Save> (example for Windows environment)

Select <Backup>


If there are multiple project libraries that need to be upgraded, back them up.


Select the project library with the green up arrow in the project library and select <Upgrade Project Library> displayed on the right

If you are backing up, select <Upgrade>

After a while, the upgrade will complete and you will see the projects contained in your project library.
If you have multiple project libraries, upgrade each one. (Example shows list view, but thumbnail view is commonly displayed.)

When you check the details of the upgraded project library, you can see that the "Status" is "Compatible".

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