Using DaVinci Resolve Project Server on Blackmagic Cloud


How do I use Blackmagic Cloud Project Server (DaVinci Resolve Project Server on Blackmagic Cloud)?


Currently, here are the points: We plan to distribute in the future.

  • What is Blackmagic Cloud's Project Server?
  • usage fee
  • Create account
  • How to log in and create a project library
  • Confirmation of how to change the user's registration information, payment, etc.
  • How to connect from DaVinci Resolve
  • Initial setting
  • Backup method (for project managers)
  • Backup method (for browsers)
  • How to restore
  • Delete project library
  • Renaming Project Libraries
  • mini Q&A

What is Blackmagic Cloud's Project Server?

I think it's easier to understand if you compare it with how it's used in general single client operations.
・Database “project library”
stand-alone use: Managed within a PC
Blackmagic Cloud Project Server: Managed and used within Blackmagic’s cloud
of materials such as video and audio
: Managed within a PC
Blackmagic Cloud Project Server: Via VPN Share, copy ahead, or share to DropBox or Google Drive

As you can see from this, Blackmagic Cloud Project Server manages the database part on the cloud.
Also, source clips such as footage to be used must be handled in some way on both devices that open the same project on Blackmagic Cloud Project Server. In addition, although the details will be described separately, it takes a considerable amount of time to share the raw data of the video material to be used. In order to solve this problem, it is desirable to operate with proxy data.

From 18 onwards, if you install DaVinci Resolve and use the Blackmagic Proxy Generator that is installed at the same time, the file size will be reduced and operation will be easier.

usage fee

It is charged per project library, and the monthly fee is 764 yen. You can check the actual billing from the Billing menu described in "How to change user registration information, confirmation of payment, etc."

Create account

Select the "Login" icon on the top right of the support page

Select "Sign Up" below

Enter the required information and<Sign Up>

You will receive an email, click the link to complete the verification.

How to log in and create a project library

Log in with the set email address and password from the "Login" icon on the upper right of the support page

Select Project Server on the left

Select "Asia Pacific-Tokyo" in Region and set the project name in Project Name.<Create>


Each project library has a cost of
JP¥ 764 per month
and will allow you to collaborate remotely with up to 10 Blackmagic Cloud users inside DaVinci Resolve. Payment will be renewed each month and you can cancel anytime.


Each project library

includes the ability to collaborate remotely with up to 10 Blackmagic Cloud users within DaVinci Resolve at a cost of JPY 764 per month Payments renew monthly and can be canceled at any time.

By the way, it's like $5 in the US.

Enter your card information choose

Wait a minute.

"Your credit card information has been successfully processed. Once the project library is successfully created, you will be charged the following fee. A payment confirmation email will be sent to your email

message is displayed.


If it is out of the target area, it will be judged based on the location of the terminal used, and a message will be displayed that there is no project server. By the way, even if you select a region that has already started the service in Region, the same message will be displayed.

How to connect from DaVinci Resolve

Select "Cloud" in the project manager displayed at startup, set the user name and password registered in the created Blackmagic Cloud, and <Sign in>

Make sure the project is visible. Early projects need an upgrade.

Select the project name with the green icon

Select <Upgrade Project Library>

Select <upgrade>

Once the upgrade is complete, it will look the same as if you had opened your local project library on your first installation of DaVinci Resolve.

Confirmation of how to change the user's registration information, payment, etc.

Log in with the set email address and password from the "Login" icon on the upper right of the support page

Select "Settings"

You can change your user name, email address, password, country or region in "Account".

You can check and change the payment status in "Billing".

You can check the usage status in "Super Usage".

Backup method (for project managers)

Click the <Details> icon in the project library to be backed up in the "Cloud" of the Project Manager.

Select <Backup>

After that, implement the same support as "Backup method (for browser)"

Backup method (for browsers)

Select "Details" in the red square

<Back Up>choose

When it says that the backup has started,<OK>

Wait until the “Creating backup…” message disappears. It will take a while.

How to restore

Select the target project manager to be backed up in the project manager's "cloud" and select the "restore backup" icon

The Project Server will open in your browser. Select restore icon

Select the restore target and enter the name of the project library at the time of restoration below.<Restore>

A message will appear telling you that your project library will increase and you will need to pay for it.

if there is no problem<Continue>

After a few moments, the project library will be added to the list.

Delete project library

If you are using the corresponding project library or opening it on the project manager, please finish using it before performing the work. When using/opening, it seems that DaVinci Resolve may be forcibly terminated due to the disappearance of the project to be used/referenced.

Go to Project Server in your browser and select Details next to Project Libraries

Select the gear icon choose


If the project library disappears due to deletion, it will transition to the screen for adding a new project library.

Renaming Project Libraries

Go to Project Server in your browser and select Details next to Project Libraries

Select the gear icon choose

set name<Save>

mini Q&A

Can I copy projects between local and cloud?

Is possible. The procedure is similar to copying the project locally.

Right click the project on local or cloud and <copy>, change to local or cloud and paste the project.

Is there any point in using it even when editing by one person?

Blackmagic Cloud can be used effectively when one person works on multiple PCs, such as a desktop PC and a laptop.
Even materials can be carried around on a USB SSD or copied in some way in advance, so you can continue working without having to copy the project each time.
What if the network goes down? Although there are concerns about network problems, you can use the project manager to copy projects between "cloud" and "local", so you can respond flexibly.

Is it possible to back up projects in the cloud?

Project Manager 'Cloud' does not have a backup menu, but when you access Blackmagic Cloud in your browser, you can choose to backup and restore. However, when backing up with Blackmagic Cloud, the direct storage destination seems to be only on the cloud. If you want to back up locally, it seems necessary to copy each project locally before backing up. In addition, backup with Blackmagic Cloud can also be a generational backup, and restoration can be done from the browser, or from the browser that appears when you select restore in the project manager.

There is a limit of 10 people, but there seems to be no limit on the number of projects, so depending on how you use it, you can also use it for database backup.

When I used it for the first time, I was suddenly prompted to upgrade the version of the project library, so it behaves exactly like the client DB.


It is 764 yen/month for each project library, but if I delete the project library, will I be excluded from the billing?

If you delete the project library, you can see that the amount has been reduced on the "Builing" menu.

The first 764 yen means that you have purchased 30 days worth of credits.
However, you will be charged for the usage period, and once you delete the project library, the remaining period will be charged as a credit balance that you will use for future payments.
Specifically, for example, if the project library is deleted 10 days after the start of use, the amount for the remaining 20 days will be the credit balance.
You can check your credit balance in "Credit Balance" in "Builing".

Looking at the next image, the contract on August 9 was 764 yen, while the contract on August 10 was 746 yen. In this way, basically you will be billed for the number of days you use.

When restoring a backup of a project library on the cloud, the number of project libraries will temporarily increase, but even in such a case, restore and delete unnecessary project libraries as soon as the necessary processing is completed. It will cost you a small amount of money.

When did it become available?

The Blackmagic Cloud function on the cloud of the featured function started operation in Japan on August 9, 2022. The service is available for 764 yen/month for each project library.

As of 8/9/2022, the areas where it can be used are as follows.

  • All of America
  • All of Europe
  • Australia 2022/7/26 start
  • New Zealand 2022/7/26 start
  • Singapore 2022/7/26 start
  • Japan 2022/8/9 start
  • Canada 2022/8/9 start
  • South Korea 2022/8/9 start
  • Taiwan 2022/8/9 start
  • Vietnam 2022/8/11 start
  • Thailand 2022/8/11 start
  • Indonesia 2022/8/11 start
  • Philippines 2022/8/11 start
  • Hong Kong 2022/8/11 start
  • Laos 2022/8/11 start
  • Brunei 2022/8/11 start
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