"Black magic sale for audio editing" for Blackmagic products iZotope RX 9 Standard / Advanced

We are currently running a campaign "Black Magic Sale for Audio Editing" that sells iZotope RX 9, which has a reputation for audio repair such as advanced noise reduction, at a low price.
Until May 3rd. Blackmagic product users are eligible, including free Davinci Resolve! Virtually anyone can purchase the RX 9 Standard and RX 9 Advanced at a crossgrade price!


RX 9 Standard Cross Upgrade

¥46,090 ¥14,000 (Cross upgrade from eligible BMD products)

RX 9 Advanced Cross Upgrade

¥92,290 ¥50,500 (Cross upgrade from the target BMD product)
The price for new purchases without using this campaign is 138,490 yen.


Since the free DaVinch Resolve is also covered, the following list may seem meaningless, but I'll include it anyway.

[Products crossgraded]
DaVinci Resolve related
・DaVinci Resolve (free version)
・DaVinci Resolve Studio
・DaVinci Resolve Studio Dongle
・DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel
・DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
・DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
・DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard
・DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor
・Fairlight Desktop Console
Camera Related
・Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
・Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
・Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro
ATEM Mini Related
・ATEM Mini
・ATEM Mini Pro
・ATEM Mini Pro ISO
・ATEM Mini Extreme
・ATEM Mini Extreme ISO


(Just in case there are people who are interested. As of 2022/4/6 4:00, I found a typo with DaVinch Resolve, but it seems to be a simple misprint. You can rest assured with.)
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