ATEM Mini Extreme ISO is about 42% off Limited time / Limited quantity

Campaign overview

We are currently running a campaign where ATEM Mini Extreme ISO is about 42% off.

Now, ATEM online training will be available free of charge from 15:00 on April 18th (Monday) for ATEM Mini series product purchasers only.

In addition, the "Blackmagic Design x SONICWIRE Sound Effect Pack Free Download Campaign" is being held to give away a commercially available sound effect pack equivalent to 5,000 yen by purchasing the target product of Blackmagic Design, and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO is also eligible. So it's even better!

What is ATEM Mini Extreme ISO?

It's cheap as an HDMI switcher, but this product also has a recording function and can automatically create a DaVinci Resolve project file!

A DaVinci Resolve project file (*.drp) is created when an external SSD is connected to the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO's USB Type-C and recorded. This allows you to start editing in DaVinci Resolve immediately after recording.

If you're using multiple cameras, all videos from each camera, plus the results of the switchers you switch on the ATEM Mini during recording, will be saved as a project file (*.drp). No need to prepare for multicam or create a timeline from scratch. Even if you make a mistake in switching with the switcher, the videos from all cameras are saved, so you can easily correct the mistake later!

Recorded sample

A sample of the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO can be found at the link below.

(The sample was recorded with ATEM Mini Pro ISO and has 4 inputs, but ATEM Mini Extreme ISO can handle up to 8 inputs.)

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