How to set up DaVinci Resolve Project Server


How do I set up a Project Server for DaVinci Resolve editing on multiple PCs?


This is how to build in a Windows environment.

Setup: Server

Program setup

There is information that it can also be set up from the DaVinci Resolve Studio program, but from version 17 it is distributed as a separate program.

Download "DaVinci Resolve Project Server xx" from the support site.

run the downloaded file



Permission to use. Check "I accept the terms in the License Agreement"



wait a while



Change firewall settings

Search for "check firewall status" from the OS search menu and execute

Select <Advanced Settings>

Select "Inbound Rules" from the tree on the left

Select <New Rule> from "Actions" on the right

Select "Port" and <Next>

<TCP>, select <Specific local port>, enter the port number "5432", and <Next>


I think it is rare, but if you are using a notebook PC as a server, considering that you will be carrying the notebook with you, I think it is better to uncheck <Public>. increase.

Give it a descriptive name in "Name" and <Done>
Example: DaVinci Resolve PostgreSQL

Server start

Launch "DaVinci Resolve Project Server" from the server's start menu

Select <enable sharing>



After the server starts, you should see a blue arrow in the list of databases.

Distributing access keys to clients

Select <Export access key>

Save to any location

Copy the saved access key to your client.

Setup: Client

database connection

Run access key on client

DaVinci Resolve's Project Manager will launch and allow you to connect to your database.


I consulted Mr. Komachi, a certified trainer with experience in building this case. Click here for YouTube and Twitter!

YouTube Beautiful Jiro and Matsuo OMACHI

Twitter @Mr_O_1984

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mapping mount

File storage location


file server

Client (no sharing)

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