I plugged in my wired headphones while DaVinci Resolve was running, but there is no sound. You will hear a sound when you reboot.


I connected my wired headphones/earphones while running DaVinci Resolve, but there is no sound from my wired headphones/earphones. Sound comes out from the device before connecting the wired headphones/wired earphones. Also, when you restart DaVinci Resolve with wired headphones/earphones connected, sound comes out of the wired headphones/earphones.

How can I get sound as soon as I plug in my wired headphones/earphones without restarting DaVinci Resolve?


I think it's only happening in Windows environment.

simple explanation

When "Use system settings" is selected for "Output device", the output is from the device set by the OS, but it seems that it may not switch well under certain conditions.

It is not possible to switch automatically, but it is possible to switch by performing a specific operation on DaVinci Resolve.

When you plug in the pin jack of a wired headphone/wired earphone, the device is recognized by the OS and an item is added to the sound device (such as that displayed in "Audio input and output" in the device manager) device), the output used in DaVinci Resolve may not be updated just by connecting.
(It seems that it can be handled properly when adding a USB connected device.) Select an unrelated device in Output device and select "Use system settings" again.
If you uncheck "Automatic speaker configuration", you will be able to confirm that it switches to the appropriate one. This method has only been confirmed in limited environments, so there may be other reasons. "Changes in environment settings basically require a reboot" and "changes in the device set in the environment settings = a reboot is required", so it may be a good understanding that a reboot is required. yeah. However, depending on the output device, it may switch appropriately, so I can't say anything.

For details, please check the "Workaround: Procedure" at the end of this article.

See the following article for general checks when there is no sound.

If there is no sound with Bluetooth headphones, there may be other reasons. Please see the following articles:

Detailed explanation (for those who are interested)

About basic operations and operations when problems occur

For audio output, the audio output device is set in "Audio I/O" in "Video & Audio Input/Output" in the "System" tab of [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences]. If you select "Use system settings" in "Output device", audio will be output from the device selected for audio output on the OS side.

Also, when you connect wired headphones/wired earphones to your PC, generally the device selected for audio output in the OS automatically changes. This changes the device used in DaVinci Resolve's "Use system settings", but it may not switch properly depending on the output device.

Environment where it occurs (confirmed environment)

For some audio devices, when wired headphones/earphones are connected, the device is recognized, the device is added to "Audio input and output" in Device Manager, and the OS's audio output is changed at the same time. . We have confirmed that for such devices, even if you use "Use system settings", it will not switch.

Situations where wired headphones/wired earphones are not connected

When connecting wired headphones/wired earphones

How to make sure it's not changed properly when something goes wrong

[DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences]-[System]-[System]->[Video & Audio Input/Output]->[Audio I/O]->[Output device]->[Automatic speaker configuration] You can check the output device that Resolve is connected to.

When a wired headphone/earphone is plugged in, the device is recognized and an item is added to the sound devices (such as a device displayed in "Audio input and output" in the device manager), If you uncheck "Automatic speaker configuration" in "Use system settings" and check, you can confirm that the device has not been changed.

Workaround: Description

[DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences]->[System]->[System]->[Video & Audio Input/Output]->[Audio I/O]->[Output device] from [Use system settings] to the device you want to output. will respond.

It is recommended to uncheck "Automatic speaker configuration" and change while checking which device is actually selected.

If the device is recognized and added to "Audio input and output" in Device Manager when you plug in wired headphones/wired earphones, simply changing "Use system settings" will not switch the device. may not.

In that case, select an unrelated device in "Output device" and then select "Use system settings" again. The "Outputs" list will then update appropriately and you should be able to hear sound. You can also select the device you want to output instead of "Use system settings" when reselecting.

(Example: If you want to change from "A", which is automatically selected in "Use system settings", to "B", select irrelevant "C" in "Output device" and then click "Use system settings". please select.)

Workaround: Procedure

I will explain with an example of changing from a USB DAC (eg iFi) to the device in question (eg Realtek Audio). "Automatic speaker configuration" is unchecked.

Before change: With "Use system settings" selected, iFi of USB DAC is selected for "Output".

Select an unrelated device for Output device

Again, change the Output device to "Use system settings" and the appropriate one will be selected. Select <Save> in this state.

(Reference) Even if you change the Output device to the problematic device (eg Realtek Audio) without selecting an unrelated device from the state before change, "Output" will not change. For this reason, it is in a situation where it does not switch properly. Also, the "Output" dropdown doesn't show anything appropriate.

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