How to clean the font of the menu of DaVinci Resolve in Windows environment


Is it possible to change the font used in the menus of DaVinci Resolve on Windows to a smooth font similar to that used in other software? Old fashioned MS P Gothic? seems to be used.


I was able to improve it with a software called MacType.

Depending on the software, it seems that the font does not change even if MacType is used, but it has changed with DaVinci Resolve. Also, it seems that there is an opinion that it is a little unstable. For your reference.

Depending on the environment used, it seems that the OS may not start. It seems to be good to be used in "MacTray load" to be resident.

The purpose of this software is to change Windows fonts to beautiful and easy-to-read fonts like Mac ones.

(Reference) Windows 11 standard
Clean Dark

In DaVinci Resolve, it can be changed in "compatibility mode".

You can also select from multiple fonts as follows:

For setup and usage, refer to the following site.

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