How to adjust the volume per channel of an audio track


Is there a way to adjust the volume per channel of an audio track?


Break it down into groups of channels and adjust them.

Let's take an example of 2 channels in 1 stereo track, which is common.

Change it on the Fairlight page.

Right-click on the track header and select <Convert to Link Group>

Each channel is divided into tracks and displayed on the timeline.

Links between groups. When "Link Selection" is enabled, the linked clips are selected together, and the volume of the linked clips changes at the same time. If "Link Selection" is enabled, select "Link Selection" to disable it.

When adjusting per clip

When adjusting with the inspector

Select a clip and adjust it with "Volume" in "Audio" in the "Inspector".

When adjusting with the gain line on the timeline

Drag the gain line to adjust.

If the gain line is not displayed, select "Timeline display options" to display the "gain line".

When adjusting multiple clips at once

Select multiple clips and adjust them with "Volume" in "Audio" in the "Inspector".

Adjust the volume If you have selected a clip with a different situation, you can't change the "volume" as it is, so select the red circle reset to return to the volume of the source and then adjust it.

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