Adjust the display position of multiple text+


Is there a way to adjust the display position of multiple "text+" clips at once? Even if you select multiple and move by transforming the video in the inspector, only one will move.


With "Text", you can easily select multiple items and move them, but with "Text+" you need to take some time and be careful after moving.

Moving method

Select multiple "Text +" on the timeline with the mouse, right-click, and select "New compound clip"

<Create> with any name Select the created Compound Clip

Move with "X position" etc. in "Transformation" of "Video" in the upper right inspector

points to note

To correct text, etc., right-click "Compound Clip" and correct it on the timeline opened with "Open in Timeline". Please open the line.

If you right-click "Compound Clip" and select "Expand here" to correct text, etc., the movement information that was moved together with "Compound Clip" will disappear.

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