How to import character information such as external "text" and "subtitles"


Please tell me how to import text information created with other video editing software or automatic transcription software such as Vrew into DaVinci Resolve.


DaVinci Resolve can read external text information as "subtitles" or "text".

  • srt format: read as a "subtitle" clip
  • fcpxml format: read as timeline with "text"

Importing as "text+" is currently not supported.
If it must be "Text +", you have no choice but to copy the characters read by "Subtitle" or "Text" one by one. However, "Text" can also be decorated more easily than "Text+" by taking a little effort. Check out the link in the article below.

srt format

Select and open the "srt" file with [File]-[Import]-[Subtitle].

Subtitle material is added to the media pool.

Use them side by side on the subtitle timeline.

fcpxml format

Select [File]-[Import]-[Timeline] and open the "fcpxml" file.

It can be set, but there is usually no problem if left as is.

A new timeline will be added and the text will line up there as well.

If you want to flexibly decorate even with "text"

Please check the following article. In the video related to the article, the character information created in Vrew is imported into DaVinci Resolve to add a double border and a background to the characters.

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