Multiple people editing the same project simultaneously with multi-user collaboration


Please tell me how to edit one project with multiple users. Also, please tell me how to build that environment in a remote location.


There is a mechanism called multi-user collaboration.

Multiple users can edit using materials linked to it based on one database.

When editing at multiple sites simultaneously, the key point is how to manage material files.
Sharing only one database, synchronizing the material files between sites using a different mechanism, and using the editing PC to handle the synchronized materials from the sites provides the best response.

It is also possible to put only the database server on the cloud.
It is a configuration in which a VPS that runs only the database is placed on the cloud and a network is constructed with a VPN.
In this case, benefits such as server failure risk and reduced maintenance can be considered. Since material data is stored at each site, the risk of loss due to unintentional work can be reduced.

In the environment of Nippon Design Center, which is published in the introduction example of Blackmagic Design, there is already a data server system that can share materials, and it is said that it was used.

If it is difficult to build a mechanism for easily sharing materials, one method is to send the same material file to multiple sites in advance using physical media.

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