How to cut sounds below or above a certain frequency


How can I cut sounds below or above a certain frequency?


I think it's good to use EQ in Fairlight.

Also, Fairlight's EQ can be set in two patterns: "Clip" and "Track".

EQ display method
・Clip: Select the clip and EQ in "Audio" of the inspector

・Track: Double-click the EQ of the track in the mixer

A clip equalizer has 4 bands, but a track can use 6 bands, allowing for more detailed adjustments.

To check the real-time frequency, drag and drop "Audio FX" - "FairlightFX" - "Frequency Analyser" in "Effects" to the following location.

  • Clip: Confirmation for each clip
  • Track Header: Track by Track Confirmation
  • Mixer Bus: Overall Review

You can adjust the EQ while watching the real-time situation in the "Frequency Analyzer" as follows.

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