I bought a notebook PC with a graphics chip, but why it may not work smoothly


I recently purchased a notebook PC, but it may become sluggish as soon as processing such as applying effects starts. It has an 8GB VRAM graphics chip and 16GB of memory. I intend to go through all the correspondence that can be done with the settings of DaVinci Resolve.


Could it be a PC spec issue?
For example, even a PC with a main memory of 16GB and a graphics chip may end up running out of memory because the graphics memory is shared with the main memory.

Even if a PC is sold with 16GB main memory and 8GB graphic chip memory, there are cases where the graphic chip memory is shared with the main memory.

If the maximum graphics memory is 8GB, the actual main memory is 8GB, which is not enough for the minimum recommended memory (Windows 16GB) to run DaVinci Resolve comfortably.

It may be a good idea to check the manufacturer's specification table and consider adding memory if possible.

Also, I think it's already set, but it's good to set the cache storage destination to the SSD side. However, if you do not delete the cache regularly, you will run out of free space, so be careful.

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