Slow when a red to blue line appears above the edit page


If a red line → a blue line appears on the edit page, the processing may become slow as soon as it appears.

Is there any way to resolve it?


"The red line above the edit page The line that fades from red to blue above the edit page is the render cache generation bar.

Red is uncreated render cache, blue is created.

I will tell you three things that seem to be highly effective.
1.Resolution of timeline
Render cache is generated based on resolution of timeline.
Therefore, the higher the timeline resolution, the higher the rendering load.
Try lowering the timeline resolution.
As an example, in my environment, when I changed from 4K to 720P, the render cache creation time was reduced from 37 seconds to 16 seconds.
Since the quality of deliveries is determined based on the resolution of the timeline, if the timeline is set to a low resolution, satisfactory output results cannot be obtained.
For this reason, it is recommended to change the timeline resolution before delivering and then delivering. You can change it from "Timeline Settings" by right-clicking the timeline in the media pool.
2. Timing for automatic creation

If you are editing a place that does not require high-load rendering, it may be easier to work without automatically creating a render cache.
If smart is selected, there may be frequent processing, high load each time, and even simple processing such as opening a menu may not be accepted.
I think that it is necessary to use properly according to the situation.
Check if it improves with "User" or "None".
You can select "None", "Smart", or "User" from [Play]-[Render Cache].
Automatically creates an optimal cache
Smart is recommended for PCs with sufficient rendering processing performance.
Automatic processing settings can be made with the "Optimized Media & Render Cache" check box in "Project Settings" and "Master Settings".
Right-click on the clip to create the cache location.
The creation process is also performed according to the automatic creation conditions set in the project settings.
Automatic processing settings can be made with the "Optimized Media & Render Cache" check box in "Project Settings" and "Master Settings".
The behavior of smarts and user details seems to vary from page to page.
3. Render cache (cache file) storage location The faster the drive where the render cache (cache file) is generated, the faster it will be generated and the faster the playback will be.
Please change it if possible. (Depending on the PC environment, the degree of effect may be low.) You can check and change the generation location at the following location.
Depending on the environment, updating the graphic driver may also be effective.

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