What settings are good for comfortably editing 4K videos?


Due to the poor graphics capabilities of PCs, I used to shoot videos in 4K, export them in HD, and then edit them.

By installing a graphics card with a video memory of 8GB or more, it is now possible to edit videos shot in 4K as they are.

Regarding Timeline's resolution, should I change it to UHD when dealing with 4K videos?


I think it depends on how it works.
If it works smoothly and does not interfere with editing work, I think UHD is fine.
If there is a problem, I think that "Timeline resolution" of "Limeline format" in "Master setting" of "Project setting" should be lowered.
Changing the timeline resolution is fine as it just lowers the resolution you're working in and renders from the original resolution on deliver.

If you select 'single clip' in your deliver, you should check your timeline resolution before delivering and reset it to the resolution of the deliver if necessary.
Please note that the resolution of the timeline can be changed by right-clicking on the timeline to be changed in the "Media Pool" and selecting "Timeline Settings" (cut page), [Timeline]-[Timeline Settings] (edit page). increase.

If "Use project settings" is checked, uncheck it before setting. 10 things to try to improve DaVinci Resolve playback performance before worrying about insufficient machine specs

It is summarized in
There are five other ways to improve work efficiency. (Including the matters already described in the previous reference site.)
In this case, I think it would be better to deal with "optimized media" or "proxy media".
- optimized media

It is a way to handle a lightweight cache file when working.
By right-clicking the clip to be used on the media page and selecting "Generate Optimized Media", the generated cache can be used.
If [Playback]-[Use optimized media if available] is enabled, you can work with cache files.
Note: "Use Optimized Media" in "Advanced Settings" should be "OFF" in Deliver!
- proxy media

It is a way to handle a lightened file when working.
By linking the minified file with the original file, the deliver process can work with information from the original file.
When creating, right-click the clip to be used on the media page and select "Generate Proxy Media" to automatically generate and link.
If the camera can record proxy media at the same time, it can be used by specifying the file from "Link proxy media" by right-clicking.
If [Playback]-[Use proxy media if available] is enabled, you can work with minified files.
Note: Set "Use Proxy Media" in "Detailed Settings" to "OFF" in Deliver!
Reference //////// - Timeline proxy mode
This is a method to improve without creating a file that will be a cache, but it seems to be less effective because it only changes the display.
Select any resolution in [Playback]-[Timeline proxy mode].
-Improve workability deterioration due to
render cache Set in [Play]-[Render Cache].
None: None
Smart: Auto-create cache where real-time playback is not possible
User: Manually generated
For users, right-click on any clip and turn on "Render Cache Fusion Output" to generate.
Also, for users, the setting contents of "Render cache format" in [Project settings] - [Master settings] - [Optimized media & render cache] are automatically created.
Note: In Deliver, set "Use render cached image" in "Detailed settings" to "OFF"!

-Export the clip that has completed the
render replace Select the clip and choose Render Replace.

You can easily change the resolution of the timeline once set.
Right-click the timeline you want to change in the "Media Pool" and select "Timeline Settings" (cut page), [Timeline]-[Timeline Settings] (edit page).
If "Use project settings" is checked, uncheck it before setting.

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