Can you double border text (not text+)? Is it possible to add files imported from Vrew etc. at once?


Is it possible to add a border to the title text clip? Is it possible to collectively add items imported from outside?

I understand what you can do with TEXT+.


The general answer is that text cannot have borders.

However, it is possible to achieve the same thing as edging by creating a compound clip and using Fusion for that compound clip.

It's a hassle, but it's an effective way to border text imported in xmlm fcpxml format from a transcription tool like Vrew or other video editing software.

I'm using Fusion, but if it's just this edging, once I get the point down, I don't have much to remember.

Even after adding a border, you can still modify the text or change the color of the text. Please check the video for details.

(2022/2/3/6:15 Updated with some video and audio corrected.)


How to add shadows and drop shadows to double-bordered characters

I will explain based on the configuration of the last node in the video.

Add a "Shadow" node between "Merge2" and "Merge4".

Select the Shadow node and shift the shadow position with "Shadow Offset" in the "Inspector".

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