I want to efficiently compare multiple clips side by side in the view on the color page


When I select two (or even multiple) clips and compare them, when I play them all the videos move at the same time.
If the timings I want to compare are different, is it possible to move each clip separately to the position I want to refer to?


You can move the playhead on the fly when using playhead mode in splitscreen mode.

If you select "Active Playhead" from "Color" on the upper toolbar, you can put up to four playheads A, B, C, and D on the timeline. And if you select the "playhead" mode in split screen mode, you can check the video at the position where the playhead is on the split screen. Clicking on a split screen in this mode will take you to that playhead position.

While lining up multiple scenes, "play" can only play the active view of the red playhead.
It was a little difficult to understand how to place the [playheads A to D], so I will supplement it while presumptuous.
1. Select "Playhead" from the dropdown at the top right of the viewer
2. Move the playhead to the scene you want to check

Select [Color]-[Active Playhead]-[Playhead B] "Playhead B" is created on top of "A". 4. Move "Playhead B" created on the timeline to the next scene you want to check
5. If necessary, follow steps "3." If you can right-click on the timeline of the color page and create "playheads A to D", the work will be very easy!

Another method is

Is it correct to recognize that you are checking multiple clips side by side by selecting "selected clips" in "split screen" on the color page?
Admittedly, this method will play all visible clips when played. Once you create the still of the position you want to refer to, you can use the "selected still image" from the dropdown to the right of "split screen".

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