How to apply the colors used in photo processing to videos


I use other software such as Adobe Lightroom for color correction of photos. I would like to apply this color to the video with DaVinci Resolve.Is there a good way to do this?


Transferring color tones between other software is possible by using LUT.
However, if you want to reflect the correction of a product that does not support LUT output, you can create a LUT with LUT Generator and use that LUT with DaVinci Resolve to reflect it.

You can create it by following the steps below.
1.Generate "Neutral-512.png" with "Generate a HALD" of LUT Generator 2.Reflect the
same setting changes set for any image in Lightroom to "Neutral-512.png"
3.LUT Generator Specify the file "2." in "Convert to CUBE" I think that a problem will occur if the work "2." cannot be done properly.

(You can select "3D LUT 25" or "3D LUT 64" in the LUT Generator settings, but both created the same LUT file with the same binary level. (The header information in the file is also the same, so is it a problem? don't understand.))


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