Can I leave comments on Fusion's node editor?


I want to leave a comment on Fusion's node editor. I want to use it as a memo of what is being done, like a comment line in a program. Isn't there a better way? It would be helpful if the characters could be moved by linking to the nodes, not just hanging them.


Using Sticky Note, Underlay, and group seems good.
Please search from Select tools with Shift + Space and use it.

leave a comment

You can leave comments with Sticky Note. However, this is not linked to the node, so it is easier to use if you group it with Underlay and Group depending on the situation.

to move together

Difference between Underlay and Group

Group: can be compact

Underlay: Nodes included in the inspector can be displayed together


Nodes placed on the Underlay become a group and can be moved together.

By selecting Underlay, you can check all the nodes in Underlay on the inspector.


In addition, if you just put together, you can also respond in groups.

In the case of a group, it becomes compact, and it is also possible to keep it in an expanded state with "Expand Group". To cancel the group, select "Ungroup".

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