How to backup and restore power bin database


Please tell me about power bin backup and restoration. I'm having trouble finding any information on the internet.


Power Bin information is managed in a database like other projects, but there is no automatic backup function. A manual backup of the entire database or a manual backup using the method described in the workaround below is required.

I can't seem to find any information about this issue online. "Using the power bin = a clip that you use multiple times in other projects", so I think it's the most important thing.

/////// The following method does not include backup of materials such as videos and still images registered in Power Bin, so it will be updated soon.

Add a clip to the backup power bin and let's go!

Copy the power bin to a normal bin and utilize the bin export function.
I'm writing in detail, but if you understand the reasoning, please do it well. Since it is an important matter, the story is long because it describes a method that anyone can make no mistakes.

simple flow

1. Copy and paste the power bin destination and bin to the normal bin.
2. Export the drb file (DaVinci Resolve bin file) with [File]-[Export]-[Bin].
3. Save the exported file

If you are not sure, please back up using the following method.

1. Create a bin in the normal bin that the power bin will be copied to.
Right click on the (normal) master in the media pool and select "New Bin"

2. Open Power Bin Master

3. Select all power bin masters with the mouse

4. (Usually) drag and drop to the bin you just created in the master of the bin
([Master]-[Bin 1] in the example)

5. (Usually) Select the bin you just created in the bin master and select [File]-[Export]-[Bin] or right-click and select "Export Bin".

Select any backup folder, give it any name and <Save>

You are done.

Delete the bin you just created on the master of the (usually) bin you created for backup.

(Usually) Right-click on the bin you just created in the Bin Master and select <Delete Bin> If you're afraid to delete it, that's fine
. Since it is only database information, it does not take up much space, so please think of it as a problem only for appearance.


Restore the backup bin to normal bin and copy to power bin.

simple flow

1. Open a new project
2. Load the backed up drb file (DaVinci Resolve bin file) with [File]-[Import]-[Bin]
3. Copy the loaded bin to the power bin

If you are not sure, please restore using the following method.

open a new project

With the (usually) bin master selected, [File]-[Import]-[Bin] or right-click the (usually) bin master and select "Load Bin"

Select the backup to restore and <Open>

(usually) the restored bin is added to the bin master.

Open the recovered bin, select the material or child bins inside and drag and drop them into the master power bin.

This way it will be restored to the power bin.

The project used for recovery is unnecessary. Please delete if necessary.

someone please you all want would be nice if someone could make a script that automatically backs up when the powerbin is changed. It would be nice if there was a function to back up after updating, or at the next startup, confirming "The power bin has been updated. Do you want to back it up?" Many people will be saved. I see about one person every two months who would have been saved on Twitter.

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