How to reflect when the material being edited is updated with other software


If the material (footage) is updated with other software, please tell me how to update it on DaVinci Resolve.

Also, is it detected on DaVinci Resolve that it has been updated? is there a way to do that?

By using "Replace selected clip" on the media pool, I know how to replace it with another file, but I can't grasp the behavior of the same file name.


The official answer is that restarting DaVinci Resolve is certain, but it seems that there is no problem even if you close the project and reopen it.

In addition, I understand that if you reselect the updated file on the media pool, it may be updated, but the timing of the update is not specified, and it may not be updated in some cases.

Note that there is no function that manages file update dates, etc. on the media pool and notifies you of the update when there is a change. I think that it can also be used as a file update detection function when a project file (not an archive) is shared by multiple people, but I'm sorry.

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