Is there a way to reserve rendering for multiple projects?


When you click <Add Render Queue> in Deliver, the render queue is displayed on the right side, but after registering the render queue, if you switch to another project and open the Deliver page, the render queue is empty. Is it not possible to schedule renders for multiple projects?


It is possible to reserve different projects in the render queue.

By default, the list only shows render queue information for the currently open project.
If you select "Show all projects" with "..." on the upper right, you can see that other projects are also queued.

After the jobs have been registered in the render queue, <Render All> or select the jobs to be executed and <Render (selected number)> to execute rendering.

If you want to change to <Render All> after selecting a job and changing it to <Render (number of selections)>, click the area circled in red at the bottom of the render queue list. Unset to <render all>. (However, even if you click this range, there are places where it will be released and places where it will not be released, so try changing the place you click several times.)

As a point of caution,

  • Save before reserving to render
  • Do not move files related to reserved projects

There is something like this.

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