Does motion blur use frame blending?


There is information that motion blur can be done by using frame blending, so I tried it, but I can't get good results. Isn't there a better motion blur feature?


The solid motion blur feature is a paid version only feature and is separate from frame blending.

The source of the information you saw seems to be information on how to create a motion blur-like expression with the free version of DaVinci Resolve, but at some point the meaning of "free version" and "wind" disappeared. It looks like it's gone.
Well, it's the same as the message game, so I think it can't be helped.

Since frame blending merges the frames before and after, the edges are emphasized and unnatural.

It's not a clear image, but I think you can see the difference. Frame-by-frame advance by key operation.

There is also an example of using OpenFX blur as a method that can be done with the free version. It is interesting.

Well, precisely because it's software that is loved by so many people, I think information about how to use it in the same way as the paid version will spread, rather than giving up if you can't do it with the free version.
Personally, I love that idea.
yes. I think that a considerable percentage of DaVinci Resolve users got confused with a certain company A product that is said to be "everyone uses" and "industry standard".
If you chose DaVinci Resolve, you probably like to think things through. I hope that you will continue to provide us with interesting information.

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